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Zoom The Deluxe Co-washing Bundle
Zoom The Deluxe Co-washing Bundle
Zoom The Deluxe Co-washing Bundle
Zoom The Deluxe Co-washing Bundle

The Deluxe Co-washing Bundle

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Clear Haze Universal Shampoo:

Use Clear Haze Universal Shampoo two ways: as the 1st step in our 3-step System + as the prep step for Leave-In Hair Repair Treatment.

Ditching heavy silicones + fillers that can coat hair + block the entry of treatment products into the cuticle, Clear Haze foaming formula clears away debris, product buildup + oils to ensure you get the most out of your treatment benefits. Designed with balanced pH levels that make it the perfect prep shampoo, Clear Haze deeply cleanses without the damaging effects of a high pH like traditional detoxifying or clarifying shampoos.

Don’t overdo it! Shampoo once a week—twice max! Over-shampooing strips hair of healthy natural oils that are good for your hair. On no-shampoo days, co-wash with Velvet Cloud Universal Mask.

Velvet Cloud Universal Mask:

Use Velvet Cloud Universal Mask two ways: as the 3rd step in our 3-step System + as a co-washing solution for no-shampoo days.

When used as part of our 3-step System, Velvet Cloud Universal Mask is a powerhouse formula that seals in all System benefits. Containing glycolic acid, the formula drives Step 2 Enhancer ingredients beneath the cuticle + into the hair’s cellular membrane complex.

In addition to proprietary Custom Care Complex (C3), keratin protein helps repair broken keratin chains, leaving your hair stronger + with enhanced body—all without weighing it down.

Hair care in common with celebrities? Yes! A-listers like Emma Roberts, Hilary Duff, Julianne Hough and Ashlee Simpson use IN COMMON to keep their hair healthy at home.

The Deluxe Co-washing Bundle

$65.00 Regular price $150.00

How to Use

Clear Haze Universal Shampoo: 

Shake well to activate. Use a palm-size amount + increase measurement as needed depending on hair length + thickness. Gently distribute the foam formula starting at the scalp through the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed. Use one to two times a week maximum. Co-wash with Velvet Cloud Universal Mask on no-shampoo days.

Follow Clear Haze Universal Shampoo (Step 1) with one of our in-shower treatment Enhancers (Step 2) specific to your hair's unique needs. Finish with Velvet Cloud Universal Mask (Step 3) for a fully customized hair ritual.

Vevlet Cloud Universal Mask: 

After cleansing hair with Clear Haze Universal Shampoo (Step 1) + spraying on the in-shower treatment Enhancer (Step 2) of your choice, apply Velvet Cloud Universal Mask (Step 3) + comb through for even distribution. Let activate at least 3 minutes + then rinse thoroughly.

When using Velvet Cloud Universal Mask to co-wash hair, use as you would a shampoo.

Key Ingredients

Clear Haze Universal Detoxifying Shampoo

Velvet Cloud Universal Mask

100% Free of Parabens, Phthalates + Aldehydes

Made with no parabens, phthalates + aldehydes


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