Strengthening System


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Bring your hair to its full potential with our 3-step system, now with Enhancer included for FREE!

Repair and restore weak, damaged hair with our three-step Strengthening System. Start by washing away buildup and negative energy from your strands with Clear Haze. Follow with Mended Sea aids in preventing split ends and strengthens hair fibers. Finish with Velvet Cloud to create a powerful foundation for healthy, beautiful hair.


  • Clear Haze Universal Shampoo 6 oz. / 179 ml
  • Mended Sea Strengthening Enhancer 4.7 oz. / 137 ml
  • Deluxe Size Velvet Cloud Universal Mask 16.2 oz. / 480 ml

Start with Clear Haze, a luxurious, moisture-balancing universal shampoo, to remove impurities, balance your hair's optimal moisture levels, preserve your gorgeous crown and prep your hair to receive the benefits of Mended Sea.

Mended Sea is our in-shower treatment Enhancer designed for weak, damaged hair. Infused with a blend of key strengthening ingredients, Mended Sea instantly restores hair that's been damaged from daily styling, over-processing and chemical treatments.

NOTE: After spraying Mended Sea all over, don't rinse out! Leave it on and layer Velvet Cloud over the top to help seal in the benefits.

Finish with NEW! Deluxe Size Velvet Cloud, a rich, yet lightweight moisture-balancing universal mask, to nourish thirsty strands, repair damaged hair and lock in the healing benefits of Mended Sea, leaving your hair feeling silky, soft and radiant.

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FULL TRANSPARENCY: Read our full Ingredient Lists

Shake Clear Haze Universal Shampoo well to activate. Gently distribute the luxurious foam formula starting with the scalp and working through the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if it's been a long week.

After cleansing with Clear Haze, gently wring out excess water. Generously spray Mended Sea Strengthening Enhancer from roots to ends; don't rinse out!

Layer Velvet Cloud Universal Mask over top. Comb through for even distribution. Let sit at least 3 minutes then rinse the damage away! Not to worry, it can never be left on too long. You can never have enough of a good thing.