Mini Magic Myst
Universal Elixir


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3 oz. / 88 ml

This TSA-approved, universal detangler transforms hair right before your eyes. Referred to as “vitamins for your hair”, this potion enhances, strengthens and restores the hair’s unique balance. Magic Myst delivers what your hair needs and where it needs it giving you results so brilliant, it'll have you believing in magic…

Tiny and compact, this Magic Myst mini fits in your purse for every day needs or right into your toiletry kit - and past TSA - for smooth sailing through all of your travels!

This universal elixir is perfect for all hair types and textures. Formulated to enhance, strengthen and restore the hair's unique balance with repair and hydration, Magic Myst reinforces and seals the cuticle to dramatically repair damage while detangling and protecting against heat damage.

When used daily, this power-packed elixir:
• Eliminates frizz, static & flyaways.
• Reinforces weak hair fibers to repair existing damage.
• Hydrates and rebalances hair's optimal moisture levels.
• Protects against daily heat styling & harmful UVA/UVB rays.
• Seals cuticle to prevent future split ends.
• Protects from water with a high mineral content & heavy metals.
• Softens & adds incredible shine—a multi-purpose finisher!

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Just as an alchemist transforms common metals into gold, Magic Myst transforms hair at first use. This multi-functional potion assesses and restores your hair's unique balance of repair & hydration - delivering what it needs, where it needs it. When used daily, this power-packed elixir is like giving your hair a daily dose of vitamins.

  • Instantly detangles
  • Eliminates frizz, static & fly-aways
  • Reinforces weak hair fibers to repair existing damage
  • Hydrates and rebalances hair's optimal moisture levels
  • Protects against daily heat styling & harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Seals cuticle helping to prevent future split ends
  • Protects from high mineral content water & heavy metals
  • Softens and adds incredible shine

Results so brilliant it'll have you believing in magic.


CUSTOM CARE COMPLEXTM - A unique blend of two silk proteins and Avocado Oil forms a flexible net around each hair fiber, helping to reinforce tensile strength and instantly repair damage from the inside out. Learn More

HEALING WATER TECHNOLOGY - A breathable, moisture veil that delivers intense hydration by filling in the damage areas, helping to prevent moisture loss over time.

VITAMIN B3 (NIACINAMIDE) - This powerhouse vitamin nourishes and restores the scalp therefore creating an optimal environment for healthy hair growth while strengthening the hair fiber from root to tip.


ROSE EXTRACT - A natural frizz tamer, Rose Extract helps to heal and hydrate your hair, making it more manageable and shielding it against further dehydration.

LAVENDER EXTRACT - This sweet-smelling antioxidant calms, soothes and balances both the scalp and hair strand helping to reduce frizz and smooth the cuticle layer.

ORANGE FRUIT EXTRACT - Packed with vitamin B, C and bio-flavonoids, Orange Fruit Extract nourishes and restores hair’s natural softness, body and shine.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: Read our full Ingredient List

Mist on damp hair and comb through for effortless style prep and protection. Mist on dry hair to refresh and soften. Universal for all hair types and textures.